MXL Belting - Open Ended

For use in a fully synchronized drive system

MXL Belting - Open Ended
Price Part Number Pitch Width Length
$1.99 0.08 in 0.25 in 12 in (shipped uncut if more than 1' is ordered)

Product Details

MXL stands for Miniature Extra Light belts, which can be used to mate with grooves in MXL timing-belt pulleys.


  • 0.080" pitch
  • Color is black.
  • Material is Neoprene (for quiet operation)
  • Reinforcing Cords are Fiberglass (belting can be cut with regular scissors)

MXL Belting comes in two widths: 1/8" and 1/4".

  • Generally 1/4" width is used for heavier duty applications that carry either more weight or see more forces.
  • 1/8" belting is great for tight places.

This belting can be used with any of the Plastic Dual Flange Pulleys or with the Aluminum Dual Flange Pulleys

Technical Data

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