Multi-Directional Shape Retaining Plastic

Plastic sheets that can be bent in multiple directions and retain the shape

Multi-Directional Shape Retaining Plastic
  • Multi-Directional Shape Retaining Plastic
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Product Details

This version of the Shape Retaining Plastic is a 4 ply vertically and horizontally laminated, flexible sheet that can be bent in any direction. The sheet will retain the shape it is bent into. The material can be die-cut and re-sized with other plastic cutting tools.

Things to note

- we currently only sell the size and thickness multi-directional sheet as listed on this page

- the multi-directional sheets can be produced in a larger size of ~950mm x 950mm. The sheet thickness can range from 4 ply up to 20 ply. There is an 80 sheet minimum to order this size from the manufacturer.

- other colors besides white can be produced, subject to the 80 sheet order minimum. When the color versions of these sheets are bent it tends to leave a white crease mark down the length of the bend line which is not visible in the white versions

- single ply versions that have bi-directional shape retention are available in strips, sheets and cut from a roll.

Technical Data



Elastic Modulus


Tensile Strength

200MPa MD (longer dimension), 210MPa TD (shorter dimension)



Shape Retention




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