Multi-Directional Shape Retaining Plastic

Plastic sheets that can be bent in multiple directions and retain the shape

Multi-Directional Shape Retaining Plastic
  • Multi-Directional Shape Retaining Plastic
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$19.99 25 cm × 25 cm × 1.3 mm white 4 ply sheets

Product Details

This version of the Shape Retaining Plastic is a 4 ply vertically and horizontally laminated, flexible sheet that can be bent in any direction. The sheet will retain the shape it is bent into. The material can be die-cut and re-sized with other plastic cutting tools.

Things to note

- we currently only sell the size and thickness multi-directional sheet as listed on this page

- the multi-directional sheets can be produced in a larger size of ~950mm x 950mm. The sheet thickness can range from 4 ply up to 20 ply. There is an 80 sheet minimum to order this size from the manufacturer.

- other colors besides white can be produced, subject to the 80 sheet order minimum. When the color versions of these sheets are bent it tends to leave a white crease mark down the length of the bend line which is not visible in the white versions

- single ply versions that have bi-directional shape retention are available in strips, sheets and cut from a roll.

Technical Data



Elastic Modulus


Tensile Strength

200MPa MD (longer dimension), 210MPa TD (shorter dimension)



Shape Retention




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Is this material safe for food contact?

The material does not carry FDA certification but it is a normal High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and would most likely pass if tested.

Is this material dishwasher safe?

This would have to be tested. Preferably, the material should not be exposed to temperatures over 160° F for a long time.