Motor Mounting Plate

A motor mount optimized for NEMA 23 motors

Motor Mounting Plate
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$14.00 Black

Product Details

This is a Shapeoko 2 motor mount plate that is designed for use with NEMA 23 motors only. By removing the NEMA 17 mounting pattern, the idler pulleys can be positioned to engage the belt with more pulley teeth. This can improve reliability on larger, heavier machines.

Mount the idler pulleys first, because the motor will block access the the screws. Use 30mm button head screws (p/n 25286-05), with the heads on the motor side and the nut on the idler pulley side.

Mount the NEMA 23 stepper motor on 5/16 long spacers (25312-14) with 20mm button head screws (25286-15). The heads of the screw should be on the idler pulley side so they clear the MakerSlide.

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