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3D CAM Software

  • MeshCAM
  • MeshCAM
  • MeshCAM
  • MeshCAM
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$250.00 3D Cam Software

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MeshCAM is an easy to use 3D CAM program. It will work on PC or Mac (OS 10.9 or higher). You can import your file from almost any CAD or drawing program and easily create tool paths with little to no machining experience. It can create the following toolpath types.

  • Parallel Roughing (planar and 3D)
  • Contour Offset Roughing (Planar and 3D)
  • Parallel Finishing ( X or Y direction)
  • Waterline Finishing
  • Pencil Finishing

If you don’t know much about machining, MeshCAM can help you out with its Toolpath Wizard. Just pick a cutter and desired quality level and MeshCAM will do the rest.

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