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Matte Black on Gold Laserable Acrylic Sheet

Laser engrave gold markings on a matte black surface

Matte Black on Gold Laserable Acrylic Sheet
Price Part Number Dimensions Thickness
$11.99 8 in × 12 in 0.022 in
$12.99 8 in × 12 in 1/16 in
$35.49 $18.10 12 in × 24 in 1/16 in
$15.80 8 in × 12 in 1/8 in
$47.34 12 in × 24 in 1/8 in

Product Details

These sheets can be engraved using a 3D carver, like X-Carve or Carvey, as well as a laser cutter.

Carvey Settings

Carving Bit Depth Per Pass Feedrate
1/8" 1 Flute Spiral 0.04" 48"/min
1/8" 2 Flute Straight 0.01" 96"/min
1/16" 2 Flute Fish Tail 0.01" 48"/min
1/32" 2 Flute Fish Tail 0.02" 24"/min

These sheets have a plastic masking on the top side only. The back is not masked and may have minor scuffs and scratches.

Instructions for Engraving and Cutting 2 color acrylic sheets

Please note these are intended as ‘a starting point’ and adjustments in 5% increments may be needed to achieve optimal results. When engraving & cutting the .022” thickness a 10-15% reduction in power would certainly be reasonable.

Engrave Settings: @ 40 power / 90 speed / 400 DPI Cut @ 30 power / 15 speed / 1000 hz.

Bottom Up Engraving: Change the orientation of your laser to begin engraving from the bottom of the material upwards. This simple process will minimize the amount of residue being exhausted over previously engraved material which can re-deposit on the warm core and make clean up difficult. You can change the orientation of your laser to bottom up engraving from the advanced tab in your print driver.

PPI Settings: Lowering the number of pulse firings per inch, particularly when engraving larger text or objects, will help keep the material cooler minimizing warp tendencies. Setting your PPI at 400 for photo engraving helps to minimize the ‘banding effect’ often experienced with this fabrication process.

Vector Cutting: When your application will permit, we recommend leaving the protective masking in place when performing vector cuts. This will minimize burn residue and clean up efforts. Ensure laser is properly focused to ensure clean, smooth cuts. Note: PPI’s over 400 when used in vector cutting are likely to cause of tacky edges.

Technical Data

Thickness Tolerance (0.022" and 1/16")

± .003 in

Thickness Tolerance (1/8")

± .005 in

Cut Tolerance

± 1/4"

Top Layer Thickness


Recommended Engraving Depth


Files & Attachments


0.02" Non-Adhesive Black on Metallic Laserable Acrylic MSDS.pdf


1:16" Black on Metallic Laserable Acrylic MSDS.pdf

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