Open Source Aluminum Extrusion with V-rail Linear Bearing System Built in

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Price Part Number Length Color Ends
$20.93 1000mm Clear Anodized Not Tapped
$34.72 1800mm Clear Anodized Not Tapped
$8.14 200mm Black Anodized Tapped M5 (on one end)

Product Details

MakerSlide is an aluminum extrusion with two special V-shaped rails for wheels to roll on.

This component is interesting for people designing CNC machines because it acts as both the structural support and the linear bearing system. The biggest design, cost and fabrication hurdles in a new CNC machine design are the linear bearings. There are a lot of commercial and DIY solutions out there, but none support an easy, low cost and rapid fabrication philosophy.

The basic bearing concept is not new. The inventor of the MakerSlide, Bart Dring, had used it for years in his own designs and many high end commercial systems use it. This system is traditionally called a V wheel running on V rail. The problem with the commercial systems is that they are expensive, require a lot of accurate fabrication to integrate, and don’t seamlessly integrate into standard extrusion systems. The MakerSlide solves all three of these issues.

MakerSlide is a V rail integrated into a standard extrusion profile. If you are working on a CNC system like a 3D printer, CNC Mill, or CNC Router this MakerSlide might be the right structural support and linear motion system for you. We use it in the X-Carve.

There is a knowledge page with a lot of good information here.

Open Source

MakerSlide is an open source hardware component. Here is the CAD Data:
Extrusion Profile – DXF
Extrusion (100mm lg) STEP
Dual Bearing V Wheel (Part) PDF DXF STEP
V Wheel Assy – STEP
Eccentric Spacer – PDF STEP STL
Google Sketchup (This is user contributed)

This product is part of an open source project started by Bart Dring. Inventables always works with and supports the original creators of open source designs when we sell their creations. In this case, Bart earns a portion of each sale for each unit sold. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Examples in use

Camera Slider
CNC Mill

We aren’t able to cut the rails to custom lengths, but please check out the videos above for easy instructions on how to cut them to size.

Note: We take great care to make sure the V feature is free of any dings or imperfections that will affect the performance. There may be minor dings, scratches, discolorations and other imperfections on other surfaces.

Technical Data


0.98 kg/m

Cross Sectional Area

353 mm2

Area Moment of Inertia (mm4)

(X) 1.61 × 104 (Y) 6.1 × 104

Eccentric Spacers Adjustment

1.5 mm max

Wheel Spacing

64.4 mm