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MakerSlide Belt Clip

Creates mounting point for belting onto MakerSlide

MakerSlide Belt Clip
  • MakerSlide Belt Clip
  • MakerSlide Belt Clip
  • MakerSlide Belt Clip
Price Part Number Width Length Thickness Qty
$5.00 11mm 25mm 1.5mm 2

Product Details

This clip gives an easy way to attach the ends of an open ended belt to a piece of MakerSlide or other t-slot extrusion. The belt is wrapped through the slots and over itself like a typical back pack strap. This kit contains two clips. To tension the belt firmly attach one end then tension the belt as the second clip is attached.

A typical (MXL,G2T) belt would use an M5 x 10mm bolt. Belts of other thickness my require a different length.

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