Light Diffuser Film Rolls

Optical diffuser designed to diffuse light more evenly

Light Diffuser Film Rolls
Price Part Number Dimensions Thickness Surface
$8.99 12 in × 36 in .007 in Matte on both sides
$7.49 12 in × 36 in .005 in Matte on both sides

Product Details

These light diffusing sheets are cut from the roll and available in a two sided matte film designed to break up and distribute light evenly. The material can be ordered in 1 ft increments for applications that require a wider and longer continuous piece. Orders of more than 1 ft are sent as one continuous piece. The material is also available in several varieties in 8.5 in x 11 in sheets for smaller applications.

Technical Data


Matte on both sides

Files & Attachments


Light Diffuser Datasheet Matte 2 sided (DFMM).pdf


What is the best adhesive to bond this film?

Optically clear transfer PSA from 3M. 3M 8211 or 8212 will work fine. You can only bond on the gloss side. Anything you do on the matte surface will mess up the diffusion.