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An exotic hardwood with naturally spotted coloring

  • Leopardwood
  • Leopardwood
Price Part Number Dimensions Thickness
$11.28 6 in × 12 in 1/8 in

Product Details

Leopardwood is also known as Lacewood, or Brazilian Lacewood. It is primarily sourced from Chile and Brazil. The heartwood varies from light orange to reddish brown. The appearance is highly-figured with a “lace-like” appearance. The wood is of medium strength and bends well. It is prized for inlays, fine furniture and decorative pieces. It is an excellent choice for turning. Leopardwood weighs around 39 lbs per cubic foot.

Because this is a natural material, the color and pattern will vary slightly from piece to piece. Please see the thickness tolerance below and note that thickness will change based on conditions like humidity.

Thinner boards take more time and labor to produce; therefore, while the 1/16" pieces are thinner, they are the same price as the 1/8" pieces.

Technical Data

Thickness Tolerance

+/- .04"


6 in × 12 in