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Laserable Sparkle Steel - Black on Gold

Laser engrave this textured metal sheet to expose a second color

Laserable Sparkle Steel - Black on Gold
  • Laserable Sparkle Steel - Black on Gold
  • Laserable Sparkle Steel - Black on Gold
Price Part Number Dimensions Thickness Backing
$30.49 12 in × 24 in 0.015 in Gold-tone steel

Product Details

A textured, non-metallic coating is applied over the surface of steel to create these unique sheets. When laser engraved, the coating is removed and a smooth, gold colored core is exposed. Cut the sheets with a tool like a jeweler’s saw, band saw or metal shear to create accessory accents, jewelry, signs and more.

This product is not recommended for rotary engraving. It is optimized for laser engraving.

Please note that the glitter finish is only on one side. The back is unfinished, gold-tone steel. Due to the coating and cutting processes, the glitter finish may not extend all the way to the edge of the sheet but will be very close.

Technical Data


Gold-tone steel





Surface Finish

Laserable Sparkle


0.015 in

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