Knurled Aluminum Knob

A knob for fine tuning or fast spinning

Knurled Aluminum Knob
  • Knurled Aluminum Knob
  • Knurled Aluminum Knob
  • Knurled Aluminum Knob
Price Part Number Bore Description
$8.49 5mm With crank
$12.99 1/4in With crank
$8.49 6mm No crank, fits X-Carve with ACME rod

Product Details

These knobs, often called handwheels, work great anywhere you want to spin a shaft quickly, yet have fine adjustment capability with the knurled outer edge of the knob.

A typical application is the Shapeoko Z axis motor. It allows you to quickly, manually spin the motor to zero on the top of the work. When you get close you can switch to fine control by grabbing the knurled perimeter with your finger tips. The knob is solid aluminum with a 3mm set screw.

The 5mm shaft size works with NEMA 17 stepper motors, You would typically use dual shaft motors. One shaft runs the machine and the other has the knob.

Be careful not to over torque the fine set screw and maybe use a little thread lock with it.

Use a little threadlock or a drop of glue when installing the crank, otherwise it tends to loosen.

The 5mm and 1/4" varieties come with a crank, as seen in the picture. The 6mm variety does not come with a crank. This is the size that fits X-Carves that have ACME rods.

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30309-01 Technical Drawing (PDF)