Illuminating Resins

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Illuminating Resins
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Product Details

For designers working with injection, rotational or other molding processes, these glow materials can be incorporated into any clear thermoplastic resin. Traditional photoluminescent pigments are often difficult to process and can produce a grey or blackish tinge that diminishes glow in the final molded part but this version produces a bright, clean glow each time. 5-30 minutes exposure to bright light or sunshine and this material will emit a glow for over 8 hours.

Technical Data

Manufacturing/Process Options

Injection Molding, Extrusion, Rotational Molding, Vacuum Forming and custom manufacturing formulations available


Oral Acute toxicity testing from CPTC Labs determined the material to be fully, non-toxic


TPE Concentrate that can be added to most TPE Polymers, Polypropelene and LDPE (as long as the resin is a clear polymer)

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