Hand Moldable Plastic

Low melting point plastic useful for hand-molding prototypes

Hand Moldable Plastic
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$8.50 1/2 pound bag
$49.50 3 pound bag

Product Details

This hand moldable plastic has a melting temperature of about 136-140°F (58-60°C). It is great for making one-off prototypes, quick attachments and sub-assemblies, impressions to use as a temporary mold, and more.

Watch this video to see how to mold a tool handle.

To start the process the material needs to be heated however this can be done with a variety of techniques including hot plates, soldering irons, or by put it in a cup of water and microwave the cup for a couple minutes to heat it up. Once it reaches it molten state the plastic will be easily molded and formed by hand. After cooling to room temperature (or running under cold water) it again turns rigid. It is a true thermoplastic and can thus be re-heated and formed any number of times. If heated above about 140°F it will become sticky. This is done intentionally in hot-melt glue applications.

When in the molten state you can color the plastic by adding in pigment and mix it in a mortar and pestle. The plastic cools quickly in the mortar so we have found it’s easier to use the pestle and mix it while it’s on a hot plate which keeps it molten.

Hand moldable plastic is polycaprolactone (PCL) thermoplastic. Its unique combination of properties gives it a variety of different niche applications aside from prototyping and model making.

They’re also perfect for Halloween!

Technical Data

Molecular Weight


Melt Flow Index

80°C, 2.16kg, g/10 min 0.59, 80°C, 21.6kg, g/10 min 9.56, 190°C, 2.16kg, g/10 min 7.29

Melting Point

60-62 °C

Crystallinity, %


Crystallisation Temperature

27.4 °C

Glass Transition Temperature, Tg

-60 °C

Modulus , E. Mpa

1mm/min: 440, 10mm/min: 500

Flexural Modulus, E , MPa

2mm/min: nd


Shore A: 94, Shore D: 50


Pa. sec, 70°C , 10/sec: 12650, Pa. sec, 100°C , 10/sec: 5780, Pa. sec, 150°C , 10/sec: 1925

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msds_capa™ 6800_usa-8225.pdf

Technical Manual

Hand Moldable Plastic Technical Manual.pdf


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What should I consider for disposal of this material?

Hand moldable plastic is fully biodegradable; it has good water, oil, chlorine, and solvent resistance; and has a low melting temperature.