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GT2 Belting - Open Ended - 4 Meters

Belting for the X and Y axes on your X-Carve

GT2 Belting - Open Ended - 4 Meters
Price Part Number Width Pitch
$20.00 6.35mm 2mm
$30.00 9mm 3

Product Details

The GT2 series of belts are designed specifically for linear motion. They use a rounded tooth profile that guarantees that the belt tooth fits smoothly and accurately in the pulley groove, so when you reverse the pulley direction, there is no room for the belt to move in the groove.

This belting is meant to be used in conjunction with a timing-belt pulley such as these parts.

  • Color is black.
  • Material is Neoprene (for quiet operation)
  • Reinforcing Cords are Fiberglass (belting can be easily cut with regular scissors)
  • 124 lb / 56kg Breaking Strength
  • 6.25 lb / 2.8kg Working Tension

Note: The Shapeoko 2 and X-Carve (purchased before November 2021) machines use 6.35mm wide belts.

Technical Data



Tooth Profile



What does GT2 mean?

“GT2” refers to the “2nd generation” in terms of tooth geometry. This can commonly be misconstrued as referring to the pitch. This is actually labeled before the “GT” ( [pitch]GT[tooth geometry revision/new generation] ).

For example:
The 6mm belt (26053-03) would be labeled as 2GT2, and the 9mm belt (26053-05) would be labeled as 3GT2.