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Grey Pigment Ink Pad

Ink for stamping on fabrics and wood

Grey Pigment Ink Pad
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$7.49 Grey ink pad

Product Details

ColorBox pigment craft ink is perfect for use on porous surfaces like fabrics and wood. It will also work on shrink plastic, paper and polymer clay, and it can be embossed. The color is rich and cleans up easily before heat setting. Once heat set, it is permanent.

To create a machine-washable project (t-shirt, tote bag, etc), simply stamp your fabric, wait for the ink to dry, then iron both sides (with a piece of cloth or paper towel between the iron and the fabric) for a few seconds. The heat will make your stamping permanent.

The ink pad is 4″ × 2.5″ × 0.5″. Use it with our linoleum to make your own stamps on a 3D carving machine, like the Shapeoko.


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