Fluorescent Orange Reflective Tape

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Fluorescent Orange Reflective Tape
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$1.00 25.4 mm by 1 m strip of tape with a release liner

Product Details

This tape will help enhance visibility in night time or low-light conditions when a light source, such as headlights, shines on it. The material is composed of wide angle, retroreflective lenses, in the form of 50,000 glass beads per square inch, bonded to an adhesive. It works when illuminated by returning the light back toward its original source.

Technical Data

Fabric Scrim

94% polyester / 6 % nylon tricot knit



Daytime Color

Fluorescent red-orange

Reflected Color


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What are the use and care instructions for this material?

Application Instructions:
1. Clean and dry the surface (the tape works best on smooth surfaces)
2. Remove the liner
3. Position the film and press firmly into place across the entire surface

Die-cutting is recommended, although it can also be hand-cut or guillotined.

Screen Printing:
Images may be printed on the surface of the tape. All inks should be continuously tested to ensure acceptable adhesion in the event of changes occurring in the manufacturing process or composition of the ink. Prior to printing, wiping the surface with a soft cloth lightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol may help ink adhesion. Printed areas will not be retroreflective.

Care Recommendation:
Damp wipe only, using warm water and mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly, dry with a soft cloth or allow to air dry.