Flexible Molded LEDs

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Flexible Molded LEDs
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$40.00 2.5 ft section with red colored sheath - lights red

Product Details

This is a solid, silicone, plastic tube with a string of LEDs embedded inside. It is designed to glow evenly, like a neon light, yet it is flexible, durable, and consumes 70% less power.

This lighting is useful any place you want the look of neon, but want something easy to install, reconfigure, and remove. For example, this lighting is useful for stage sets, tradeshow displays, and retail signs. It is also useful when you need the lighting to be flexible in the final installation. Consider track lighting in a retractable awning, it could roll-up with the canvas.

This lighting is available in any length, but tube shape is the only shape available. Custom shapes could be developed depending on your needs. Imagine this was molded in the shape of your product–the entire top of your vacuum cleaner could glow.

This lighting is manufactured by extruding silicone over a strip of LEDs. These are encased in the base of the product, spaced every half inch.

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Why are they using LED's instead of normal light bulbs?

One of main advantages of flexible molded LEDS is its long life. LEDs have an average life span of 50,000 – 100,000 hours (5-10 yrs approximately) before they dim to the point of possible replacement, far outlasting normal light bulbs.

How is this manufactured? Is the plastic extruded over the rope of LEDs?

The plastic is indeed extruded over the LEDs, which are molded and encased in the base of the product. The LEDs are spaced every half inch.

What is the maximum length that is possible?

The maximum length on a roll is 150 feet in the 120V version.

Does the company have other stock sizes available?

This product currently comes only in dimensions of 5/8″ × 1″. It can be cut to any length as long as you adhere to the cut intervals marked on the product.

Can you mold LEDs into other shapes such as rectangular planes, spheres, curved surfaces etc, to get custom shapes?

The flexibility of this product allows you to create almost any shape instantly. Custom molded product would be possible with development and working together with the vendor. This would also depend on the volume.

Is it possible to have battery operated molded LEDs? What are challenges with this? Why does it need so much power?

Yes, it is possible. The challenges would be in calculating how long you wanted to run this product, how much of it you would need to run, and sourcing a battery large enough. Flexible molded LEDs are designed to just plug in and run, eliminating those concerns.

Is it waterproof?

Flexible molded LEDs are approved for outdoor applications, although it is NOT submersible.

What types of Flexible molded LEDs are available off the shelf?

Flexible molded LEDs are available in 120V and 24V versions in red, amber, blue, green, and orange.