Flexible Molded LEDs

It looks like neon, but it is flexible and durable silicone

Flexible Molded LEDs
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$76.25 2.5 ft section with clear colored sheath - lights red
$76.25 2.5 ft section with red colored sheath - lights red

Product Details

This is a solid, silicone, plastic tube with a string of LEDs embedded inside. It is designed to glow evenly, like a neon light, yet it is flexible, durable, and consumes 70% less power.

This lighting is useful any place you want the look of neon, but want something easy to install, reconfigure, and remove. For example, this lighting is useful for stage sets, tradeshow displays, and retail signs. It is also useful when you need the lighting to be flexible in the final installation. Consider track lighting in a retractable awning, it could roll-up with the canvas.

This lighting is available in any length, but tube shape is the only shape available. Custom shapes could be developed depending on your needs. Imagine this was molded in the shape of your product–the entire top of your vacuum cleaner could glow.

This lighting is manufactured by extruding silicone over a strip of LEDs. These are encased in the base of the product, spaced every half inch.

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