Flame retardant fabric with hot melt adhesive

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Flame retardant fabric with hot melt adhesive
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Product Details

This flame retardant material is made of a rugged, rip-stop polyester substrate that is plated with nickel and copper. It is designed to block virtually all extremely low frequencies (ELF) and very low frequencies (VLF) electric fields.

The material has also been coated on one side with a non-conductive hot melt adhesive so you can iron it on to cotton, wood, glass, or paper. It also allows the possibility of heat sealing it at the seam. This material can be cut and sewn like ordinary fabric.

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Techical Details

SHIELDING PERFORMANCE: >60 dB from 10 MHz to 3+ GHz
PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS: 230 g/m², 0.17 mm thick
THERMAL PROPERTIES: UL 94V-0 level flame retardant
HOT MELT ADHESIVE PROPERTIES: Non-conductive, activates at 130 °C, maximum temperature it can handle is 200 °C.
SAFETY DATA: Material does not breathe well. Nickel coating may cause skin irritation. If used in a skin-contact application, lining the fabric with cotton is highly recommended. RoHS compliant.

How is this product sold in commercial volumes?

In commercial volumes this material is sold in 100 linear foot rolls (14" wide).

Competitive pricing available in volume. Please email help@inventables.com to request a quote.