End Mill Starter Set

8 general purpose starter bits

End Mill Starter Set
Price Part Number Quantity Shank Diameter Cutting Diameter
$42.00 8 bits 1/8 in Varies

Product Details

This set of 8 bits is great for beginners who are just getting started, or anyone looking to do general purpose cutting. They all have 1/8" shanks.

This pack contains:

Qty Type Cutting Diameter Cutting Length Overall Length
2 1F Spiral Upcut 1/8" 0.866" 1.772"
2 2F Straight 1/8" 0.866" 1.772"
2 2F Fish Tail Upcut 1/8" 0.394" 1.5"
2 2F Fish Tail Upcut 1/16" 0.315" 1.5"

Technical Data

Best for cutting

Plastics, woods, soft metals, soft materials like linoleum