Desktop Laser Cutter 20"x12"

Desktop Laser Cutter with larger cutting bed (2-3 weeks)

Desktop Laser Cutter 20"x12"
Price Part Number Accessories Category Shipping
$3,899.00 Air compressor, large exhaust fan, 1.5" lens, and 2" lens included Laser Cutters Extra shipping costs in addition to what is paid at checkout are charged for the following locations: ($125 AK/HI, $65 Canada, $280 Europe, $380 Australia) **This product drop ships from the manufacturer and does not ship same day**
$300.00 2 year warranty on parts/labor (does not include shipping or consumables) Warranty
$500.00 Full Rotary Attachment Accessories
$250.00 Premium Personal Support/Training Package up to 5 engineering hours Support

Product Details

This laser is capable of cutting/engraving many materials such as paper, 1/4" acrylic and 1/4" wood as well as marking anodized aluminum and Thermark treated metals.

With this laser you can engrave from any Windows application that can print to a standard printer including CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Autocad, Inkscape and even MS Word and MS Paint. This is made possible because the machine uses the powerful RetinaEngrave 3D Ethernet+USB controller with Direct Print Drivers manufactured and available exclusively at Full Spectrum Laser.

This laser cutter has a 1 year limited warranty on parts and labor. An extended warranty is available for $300.

If you choose to add the Premium Personal Support/Training Package provided by Full Spectrum Laser, it includes up to 5 engineering hours of personal support. All of our lasers come with user manuals and free basic support and free usage of the FS Laser support forum. Free basic support includes clarification of the instructions in manual, any hardware warranty problems and basic operation. Basic support is done through FS Laser’s web forums or email. They have over 2000 members on their support forums. We encourage new users to search and read through the forums for solutions from other members. We anticipate anyone with some technical know-how to have no problems setting it up the laser machines. They now also offer a premium personalized support package with up to 5 hours of premium support time. Premium support covers issues such as live technical phone support with an engineer, live 1:1 video chatting, experimental testing, optimizing settings, inspecting jobs, software issues, running the laser with specific end user software and personal one on one questions. You are also able to take their free training/demo classes at their Las Vegas showroom. You can also bring your unit to their Las Vegas location and have the mirrors adjusted and cleaned free within the first year.

Technical Data

Cutting area



up to 1000 dpi and 0.001" repeatability

MicroSD slot

Yes, 32GB

Air assist


Rotary attachment for round parts


Lens Size




Net Weight

70 lbs

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