Shapeoko 2

A factory for your desktop.

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Contents of the mechanical kit

Please note: Kits ordered today are scheduled to ship within 2-3 business days.

Mechanical Kit

Not for the faint of heart, this kit includes only the skeleton of the machine.

This is recommended if you are an expert and your goal is to build a custom machine. You'll need to supply your own electronics, pulleys, belts, and M3 hardware.

Full Kit

The Full Kit comes with with everything you need to get started with 3D carving, including tools and a milling bit.

After you assemble the Full Kit you will have a working bare-bones machine that can carve parts. This is recommended for hobbyists who see building and upgrading the machine as part of the fun.

Which voltage kit should I buy?

Kit contents

The Works

This package includes the Full Kit + a number of popular upgrades including a Quiet Cut spindle, a waste board with clamps, and an electronics enclosure.

This setup is recommended if you want to order these popular upgrades and accessories for the machine all at one time.

Which voltage kit should I buy?

The Machine

Shapeoko 2 is a simple, low cost, open source 3D Carving (CNC milling) machine kit that can be built over a weekend.

You can use Shapeoko to carve materials such as wood, plastic, and aluminum.

For more details, see the FAQ section below.

Technical Specs

Stepper Motors (Full Kit)

(4) Nema 17 62 oz/in

Controller (Full Kit)

3 Axis Arduino Based with grbl installed


550mm x 510mm

Power Supply (Full Kit)

24v 3.75A DC Power Supply

Cutting area

298mm x 301mm x 54mm

Spindle tool size



There are a number of software options you can use with Shapeoko. Inventables is currently developing Easel®, a free web app that lets you design and carve projects right from your browser.

If not using Easel, you will need three separate pieces of software:

  • CAD - to create a design
  • CAM - to convert your design to code the machine can understand
  • Machine control - to carve your project on the machine

A common free software chain consists of Inkscape, MakerCam, and Universal G-Code-Sender. We also sell a variety of higher-end software programs.


Assembly is required before you can use it. It does take some work to build a Shapeoko, but if you can tighten a bolt, you can assemble it. If you purchase a Full Kit, all the tools you need are included.

The Shapeoko forum provides complete build instructions.


Upgrade packages

Many Shapeoko owners upgrade their machine to meet their needs. Here are some packages to get you started.



Shapeoko has inspired and enabled thousands of people to join the world of 3D carving. Experience that community yourself through the Shapeoko forum.

The forum is a friendly place to browse for project inspiration, find answers to your questions, and connect with other Shapeoko owners.

You can also ask our customer support team a question directly.



This is the second generation of Shapeoko, and includes major improvements compared to the first version. Edward Ford has spent years perfecting a 3D carving machine kit that anyone can build. Learn more about the story of Shapeoko.

Introducing Easel

Your 3D carving software solution

Design it in 2D, view it in 3D, and make it with Shapeoko 2. Instantly.

Learn more at

Check out what people are making with Shapeoko


How much will shipping cost?

To determine shipping costs please add the items you plan to purchase to your Inventables shopping cart, proceed to checkout and enter your shipping address details. The website will show the shipping costs for your order prior to entering your billing information and completing the checkout process.International customers please note we do not include customs fees in our shipping costs.

Do you ship to my country?

Almost definitely! We can ship just about anywhere in the world, except where the USA doesn’t let us. Add it to your cart and enter an address to find out more about shipping rates and availability.

Will I have to pay additional customs charges?

We do not include customs fees in our shipping costs. If you would like to get an idea of what additional customs costs you may be responsible for you can use an online duty calculator like this one.

What else will I need to use the machine?

Besides a Full Kit the only other item you will need is a computer. If you order the Mechanical Kit you will need to source your own electronics and provide the following tools: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm Allen Keys, 5/16 or 8mm wrench,13mm box wrench (2), Small Slotted Screwdriver, M5 Tap and Handle (a little oil helps).

What software do I need to use this machine and how much does it cost?

Essentially you will need 3 software tools for working with the machine: A CAD program for drawing, a CAM program for generating tool paths and a Controller software that provides the interface to send the computer code between your computer and the machine’s controller. We recommend trying out our new Easel software, which combines all 3 into 1 solution and is free to use. There are many available software options that can range in price from free to expensive.

Will the machine work with CAD/CAM software I already have?

As long as your program can export standard g-code the Shapeoko along with the Arduino controller included in the full kits it will work.

What materials can I carve on the machine?

Woods (both hard and soft), various plastics and non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper and brass.

What is the maximum size material that can be used?

The machine has a total cutting area of 298mm x 301mm x 54mm. The open frame configuration allows for some longer size materials to fit into the machine.

Can I remove parts from the kit that I don't need prior to placing the order?

We are unable to break apart kits at this time.

Do you sell custom size kits?

We do offer many of the parts needed to modify your machine to a different size but don’t offer these in the form of kits.

Can I modify the machine?

The Shapeoko can easily be expanded in length and width and modified into different configurations. The Shapeoko forum is a great place to discover what is possible.

Are CAD files/Technical Drawings available for the parts of the machine?

Yes available files can be found here.

How do I get replacement parts?

Many of the parts are sold as individual components on our website. If you have received a defective or damaged part please contact us through and we can set you up with replacement parts.

Do you offer any service plans or warranty for the machines?

Because the Shapeoko machines are sold as kits and require assembly we are unable to offer machine service plans or warranties. However, if you run into any problems with assembling your kit or getting your machine to function properly you can get help by contacting

Can the machine cut 3-dimensional parts?

Yes the machine is capable of cutting 3-dimensional parts. The ability to cut in ‘3D’ is a function of the CAM software being used.

What is the difference between 110V and 220V machines?

110V and 220V are voltage requirements for providing electrical power to the machine. Countries like the United States, Canada, Japan and Taiwan work with 110V while most countries in Europe and many other parts of the world use 220V. You should select the voltage based on where you plan to plug the machine in and use it.

I am a beginner. Where can I find additional resources on CNC Milling?

We recommend starting with our blog post Milling 101.

What is the accuracy of the machine?

The resolution for the X- and Y-axis is 40 steps per mm (1016 steps per inch) which comes out to 0.025mm (~0.001in) of resolution. The resolution for the Z axis is 1280 steps per mm which comes out to 0.00078mm of resolution. A properly tuned and calibrated machine should get to a resolution of 0.003" to 0.005" (~0.075mm to 0.127mm).

What is the total size and weight of the machine?

550mm x 510mm, fully assembled machine weighs approximately 27 pounds.

What is the total cutting area of the machine?

298mm x 301mm x 54mm.

What type of spindle is included in the Full Kit?

The Full Kit includes a generic brand dremel tool with the following basic specifications: 1/8" collet, 120V, 1.2A Rotary Tool Kit, 10,000 – 35,000 RPM.

What is the size and the weight of the box the kits ship in?

Mechanical and Full Kits currently ship in a 24 inch x 14 inch x 4 inch size box. Mechanical Kits weigh approximately 19 pounds, Full kits weigh approximately 29 pounds and “The Works” ships in 2 boxes, one that is 24 inches x 14 inches x 4 inches and one that is 20 inches x 20 inches x 4 inches. Total weight is approximately 41 pounds. Please note box dimensions can vary based on other items included in your order.