Classroom Carving Kit

Over 200 items for completing projects in the classroom

Classroom Carving Kit
  • Classroom Carving Kit
  • Classroom Carving Kit
  • Classroom Carving Kit
  • Classroom Carving Kit
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$988.74 Over 200 items for completing projects in the classroom.

Product Details

Help your students go from beginner to pro makers with this Carving Starter Pack. This can be used in conjunction with either Carvey or X-Carve.

The kit contains:

  • 24 assorted carving bits
  • 60 sheets of 2-color HDPE
  • 35 sheets of expanded PVC
  • 20 sheets of plywood
  • 20 sheets of hardwood
  • 20 sheets of colored MDF
  • 20 linoleum blocks
  • 8 ink pads
  • 4 bottles of glue
  • 2 bottles of mineral oil
  • 20 sanding sponges

Here are 3 recommended projects to get you started:

  • Beginner Project – Teach your students the basics of design and engraving with this Tile Project. It encourages creative thinking and teamwork, and the end result is a colorful mosaic wall featuring all of their hard work. Check out this video and this detailed project outline to see how Avon Middle School in Ohio created tiles that showcase the history of Cleveland.
  • Intermediate Project – Teach your students about mirroring and negative space with this Custom Stamp Project. There is a detailed video explaining all the techniques, as well as an interactive Easel app that helps turn their ideas into carvable designs. Everyone will be stamping in no time.
  • Advanced Project- Teach your students about geometry and motion with this Moving Gears Project. An Easel app helps them generate the gears, but it’s up to them to make moving parts work together to create anything from a spirograph to a robotic claw.

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