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Carbide V Bit

Cut V shapes with your 3D carver or hand router

Carbide V Bit
  • Carbide V Bit
  • Carbide V Bit
Price Part Number Shank Diameter Cutting Diameter Tip Angle Cutting Length
$13.99 1/4 in 1/2 in 90 Degree 0.36 in
$13.99 1/4 in 1/2 in 60 Degree 0.5 in

Product Details

This is a V-shaped carbide-tipped cutter bit. This can be used to cut V shapes into material or can be used with high-end 3D carving software to do V carving. There is a 90° tip and pointier 60° tip version available.

The shank diameter is 1/4", so make sure you have a 1/4" collet.

Technical Data

Best for cutting

Plastic, wood, plywood, MDF