Carbide V Bit

Cut V shapes with your hand or CNC router

Carbide V Bit
  • Carbide V Bit
  • Carbide V Bit
Price Part Number Shank Diameter Cutting Diameter Tip Angle
$13.50 1/4 in 1/2 in 90 Degree
$13.50 1/4 in 1/2 in 60 Degree

Product Details

This is a V shaped carbide tipped cutter bit. This can be used to cut V shapes into material or can be used with high end CNC software to do V carving. There is a 90° tip and pointier 60° tip version available.

Technical Data

Cutting Length (90 Degree)

0.36 in

Overall Length (90 Degree)

1.8 in

Cutting Length (60 Degree)

0.5 in

Overall Length (60 Degree)

2.07 in

Cutting Diameter

1/2 in

Shank Diameter

1/4 in


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