BuildTak 3D Printing Build Surface

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BuildTak 3D Printing Build Surface
  • BuildTak 3D Printing Build Surface
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Product Details

Bed Size:
Makerbot Replicator 2: 11.2 in L x 6.1 in W
Up Plus 2: 5.5 in L x 5.5 in W

Key Features:

  • Installs much easier than masking tape or films typically used and with fewer chances of air bubbles
  • Protects build plate
  • Heat resistant and durable, can be reused for many consecutive builds and you can go from ABS to PLA without the need to change the printing surface
  • Creates an optimal bond between the 3D printed object and build surface that maximizes the chances your object will be held in place for the duration of the print and then allow for clean and easy removal of the object from the build surface

BuildTak is an ideal 3D printing surface for FDM 3D printers. It offers a superior alternative to using masking tape or heat resistant films (such as Kapton) on your FDM 3D printer’s build plate. BuildTak is a proprietary, patent-pending composition that comes in pre-cut, specially textured plastic sheets that adhere to your build platform with their heat-resistant adhesive backing.

If you have ever dealt with either masking tape or Kapton, one of the more common features you will notice is that the BuildTak sheets are more rigid and therefore much easier to install or apply to the bare build plate and much less susceptible to air bubbles getting trapped beneath the surface. They are more durable in nature and more effective in protecting the build plate. With proper use, these sheets can significantly outlast the typical cycle time of either Kapton or masking tape.

BuildTak generally does not require any special treatment (ie. the use of hair spray, acetone slurry, printing rafts, etc). Once you have the crucial step of setting nozzle height just right, BuildTak just works. 3D printed objects stay put on the build surface for the duration of your build with fewer chances of curling. When the builds are complete, they pop right off with significantly less prying.

BuildTak works for both ABS and PLA filaments, which means if you are using a printer that can print in either of these materials it is not necessary to change the surface between builds. Heated print beds are not a problem – BuildTak is composed of high quality raw materials and is designed to withstand the high temperatures of a typical FDM 3D printer (i.e. 110-125C heated print bed). If/when you are ready to replace the BuildTak sheet, it comes off clean and easy in one piece, leaving no residue behind from the adhesive.

1. Wipe down your bare build platform making sure it is clean and free of debris
2. Trim the BuildTak sheet down to the size of your build plate (if not already)
3. Remove the white adhesive liner and apply the BuildTak sheet to your bare build plate. Start from one edge of the build plate and work your way to the other edge, smoothing the BuildTak sheet with a credit card or decal applicator as you go
4. Re-level your surface, making sure the nozzle heights are properly set to the approximate thickness of a standard piece of office paper. The key to a successful BuildTak experience is a level print bed and finding that nozzle height sweet spot!

To ensure the longevity of the BuildTak, use a spatula or putty knife with smooth/rounded corners to remove your prints. Avoid using objects with sharp edges or corners that will accelerate the wear and tear of your BuildTak sheet and DO NOT use heavy duty solvents, such as acetone, to clean it (nothing stronger than rubbing alcohol).
Make sure the extruder nozzle for your FDM 3D printer is leveled and is NOT in direct contact with the BuildTak sheet. It is recommended to set your nozzle height to no less than the thickness of a standard sheet of office paper. When trying to achieve an optimal nozzle height, it is better to start with a looser nozzle height, run a test/leveling print and simply decrease the nozzle height in smaller increments until the test prints stick.

If your prints aren’t sticking properly, this is generally because the extruder nozzle is too far away from the BuildTak sheet. Try decreasing nozzle height slightly. Run a test print after each adjustment to confirm. If your prints are sticking too well to the BuildTak, the extruder nozzle is likely too close to the BuildTak sheet. Try increasing the nozzle height slightly and make sure the print bed is level. Make sure you run a test print. When possible try to remove the builds immediately after completion. Reheating the heated print bed (when applicable) will also help to release larger builds that are sticking too well.

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