Bottle Opener Kit

Personalize your own bottle opener

Bottle Opener Kit
  • Bottle Opener Kit
  • Bottle Opener Kit
  • Bottle Opener Kit
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This kit comes with everything you need to assemble your own bottle opener – 1 steel body, 2 walnut blanks and 2 sets of screws. You can customize the wood blanks by engraving them with a CNC mill or a laser cutter. For a polished, professional surface on the walnut, use our wood finishing kit.

The 10 packs are great for makerspaces, schools and libraries hosting CNC milling or laser cutting classes.

To make milling the blanks easier, please feel free to download the jig design on this page. This will provide a template that makes it easy to zero your machine and center your designs. Cut it out of a piece of scrap material and mill the pocket to ~1/8" deep, then clamp the wood blank down in the pocket.

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