Bosch Colt PR20EVS Spindle Mount

Easily mount a Bosch Coltâ„¢ trim router to your 3D carver

Bosch Colt PR20EVS Spindle Mount
Price Part Number Material Color
$34.50 6061 Aluminum Black Anodized

Product Details

The latest version of the Bosch Colt, GKF125CE, is a larger diameter and will NOT work with this mount.

This is a very rigid spindle mount CNC machined out of billet 6061 aluminum. It is design for the Bosch Colt trim router. It comes with all mounting hardware to mount directly to the Shapeoko 2 with no rework required. It is also easily adapted to many other CNC machines.

It has a place to mount an adjustable dust skirt, but we do not sell one at this time.

The mount also works with the DeWalt DWP611 (DW611) router. This router has slightly smaller diameter than the Bosch Colt, but this mount has the range to clamp firmly to it.

NOTE:: This comes with the the hardware to clamp the spindle in the mount, but not the hardware to mount this to your machine. See the drawing for the dimensions for that, For an X-Carve you would use (2) Button Head M5 x 8mm and the Spindle Mounting Plate

Assembly Instructions: See this blog post.

Technical Data

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Technical Drawing (PDF)