¼" Bit Set for V-Carving

2 carbide bits for your v-carving projects

¼" Bit Set for V-Carving
Price Part Number Quantity Shank Diameter
$27.00 2 1/4 in

Product Details

This pack contains two ¼" shank v-bits made from solid carbide. One bit has a 60° tip, and the other has a 90° tip.

Qty Type Tip Angle Cutting Length Overall Length
1 V Bit 90° 0.36" 1.8"
1 V Bit 60° 0.50" 2.1"

V-bits are great for carving very intricate, detailed designs. When used in conjunction with v-carving software, they add depth and dimension that can’t be achieved with a flat bit.

Our v-bits have an angle tolerance of +/- 1°. They do not have a flat tip tolerance.

Technical Data

Best for cutting

Plastics and woods

Angle tolerance

+/- 1°