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Bamboo Plywood

Beautiful Sustainable Material

Bamboo Plywood
  • Bamboo Plywood
  • Bamboo Plywood
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Price Part Number Dimensions Thickness Plies
$7.49 8 in × 12 in 1/8 in 5
$12.99 8 in × 12 in 3/8 in 7
$18.49 12 in × 12 in 3/8 in 7
$33.99 12 in × 24 in 1/4 in 3
$10.49 8 in × 12 in 1/16 in 3
$21.99 12 in × 12 in 3/4 in 3

Product Details

The pictures do not do this material justice! It’s the most beautiful item we have in the warehouse with its natural rich color variations. The material is very hard, similar to hardwoods such as Walnut or Oak. Due to the nature of the wood, minor surface imperfections and glue marks may be present, and additional sanding/finishing may be required.

The plywood bamboo can be cut with regular tools. If you are cutting with a table saw, you can tape the edges to prevent flaking or tearing. If you are fastening the bamboo, be sure to pre-drill any holes. Because it’s a plywood, it may split easily if you don’t pre-drill. Regular wood adhesives can be used as well. For a better adhesion, sand before applying glue.

Note: The 1/16" thickness is nominal – the true measurement is 1.8 mm +/- 0.2mm.

Technical Data

Thickness Tolerance

± .125 in

Dimensional Tolerance

± .25 in