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X Controller Box Top Organizer

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Jason Peltier

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Jason Peltier

General Information

Mise in place is a French culinary phrase which means “everything in its place”. It refers to the setup required before cooking. Taking that philosophy into woodworking, this little project should keep all your handy items used during a carve at your fingertips directly on top of your X Controller.

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MDF Wood

MDF Wood

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Thickness: 1/4 in


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The first workpiece in the project is the main project. I’ve developed a system for multi-stage carves where I will always have a master workpiece, then make a copy of it and delete things out of it for the different carves.

If you want to make changes, make a duplicate of this workpiece and rename it. Then edit that one.


Workpiece 1

This is where most of the meat is carved away. 1/8" downcut for roughing and 1/16" downcut for this stage of detail.


Workpiece 2

The ‘roughing’ pass here is using a 1/16" bit. It will only run about a minute. Fortunately you already have this bit installed. Next up will be the 30 degree V-bit detail pass.


Workpiece 3

This is where the piece gets cut out. I used a 1/4" compression bit, but any straight bit should work fine here. But my 1/4" ran through this in about 3 minutes.


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