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Wooden Watch

Sumanth Shekar

Project by

Sumanth Shekar
Chicago, USA

General Information

Analog watch made with walnut and soft maple

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Material Description Price
Soft Maple

Soft Maple (×2)

6" × 12" × 1/8" Soft Maple




6" × 12" × 1/8" Walnut


from Inventables


Carving the watch top

20 minutes

Open the Watch Top-1 Easel Project
Setup your Carvey with 1/32nd inch bit and clamp the 1/8 inch walnut sheet. Carve out the part but do not take it out [IMPORTANT]
Next open Watch Top-2 Easel Project# and click carve


Carving the watch back

20 minutes

Open the Watch Back Easel Project and carve out the part with 1/8’’ Walnut:


Carving the links

30 minutes

Open the Watch Chain-Walnut Easel Project
Carve out the links using a 1/32" bit and 1/8" Walnut sheet.

(Optional)Take 1 sheet of Soft Maple and cut in half, then glue the two sheets to each other and let it set over night. This will make the chain a little thicker
Set up the Maple sheet in Carvey and open the Watch Chain-Walnut Easel Project

You will have now carved more than the required number of links, which you may need because the links are delicate and may break.


Carving the watch middle part

30 minutes

Open the Watch Middle Easel Project and carve out with 1/8 inch maple sheet. Measure the sheet carefully and adjust the depth of the pocket so that when assembled the movement’s spindle sticks out.

Tip: Start of with a less deep cut and sand off the face to the required thickness.



50 minutes

You will also need the following parts:
Watch Crystal Glass 30mm diameter

Stick the movement to the Watch Middle using superglue, be careful to apply superglue only to the sides of the movement
Stick the Watch Top and Watch Back using wood glue, you may want to sand them down a little and even polish them to make it look even better
Cut the Pins to about 10mm length and tap them into the links. Press the glass into the Watch Top.
Attach the clasp to the strap with the spring loaded springs provided.

It may seem a little intimidating and tedious, but it the watch will look great when you’re done.

Norbert Vienneau
Love this project. Any chance it could be made public?
Norbert Vienneau
Sumanth Shekar
Thank you Norbert. I would love to share the project with everyone, the project is public.
Sumanth Shekar
Bill Fuqua
I guess I missed the window of this project being open. I would love to give it a shot. bf
Bill Fuqua
Ken  Timblin Sr.
Ken Timblin Sr.