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Wooden Legos

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General Information

Make your own standard Lego bricks out of any material that you can cut on your X-Carve. Paint or stain them to make them any color you want.

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Material Description Price
Hard Maple

Hard Maple

6" × 12" × 1/2" Hard Maple


from Inventables


Lego Dimensions

10 minutes

I wanted to make the Lego pieces actual size so that they can engage with actual Lego pieces. To do this, I needed to find out the what the dimensions of a standard Lego was. I found the dimensions on the following site and then extrapolated on them to make the various sized pieces.



Create the Pieces in Easel

45 minutes

Now that I had the dimensions it was time to create them in Easel so that they could be cut out. I designed these so that you would cut out half of the piece and then flip the piece over and then cut out the other side of it. This will result in two of each size piece when done cutting both sides.

I left a thin flange around each piece so that the pieces would remain in place while cutting.


Cut out the Pieces

40 minutes

Now just cut out the pieces. It takes about 19 minutes per side.


Have fun with them

500000 minutes

Now you can have have many hours of fun with your new Lego pieces.

Brad Mitchell
Good job! Lots of thought and detail went into this. Thanks Garrett. I had a similar idea but now its time to "lego" of that one since you beat me to it! :)
Brad Mitchell
Thank you. Hopefully I saved you some time if you have a cnc router. Or good luck coming up with another project if you're hoping to win one.