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Travis Lucia

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Travis Lucia

General Information

A solid Wasteboard with lots of clamping options is a must! Whether you need to replace your current wasteboard or the shipping costs are tough on your wallet this step by step guide will have your machine up and running in no time!

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Material Description Price
Socket Head Cap Screw - Packs of 10 each

Socket Head Cap Screw - Packs of 10 each

Length: 30mm, Quantity: 10, Thread Size: M5


Socket Head Cap Screw - Packs of 10 each

Socket Head Cap Screw - Packs of 10 each

Length: 50mm, Thread Size: M5, Quantity: 10


Threaded Inserts

Threaded Inserts

Size: M5 Dont use, Quantity: 100 Dont use

This project's Bill of Materials is not complete.

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Gather Materials and Tools

5 minutes

Tools Required:

-3/16" Drill Bit
-Countersink Bit
-Orbital Sander
-Saw (Table saw, Circular Saw or Jig Saw)


MDF (1/2" for 500mm and 3/4" for 1000mm)
M5 Threaded Inserts
M5 Socket Head Bolts



3 minutes

Start by measuring both the X and Y rails. Measure the front and back as well as the left and right side to ensure your machine is square.

The 3/4" MDF will hit the V-wheels on the Y axis if it sits directly underneath them so ensure it is clear of the Y axis before getting final measurements.


Cut your Wasteboard

10 minutes

You can use a Tablesaw, circular saw or jig saw to cut the wasteboard to final size.

Note: If you do not have access to any of these saws or if the MDF doesn’t fit in your vehicle many big-box stores will cut sheet goods for you.


Create a drill template and spacer block.

15 minutes

Rip a piece of scrap 1/8" material to about 3" wide and cut to the same length as your x-axis wasteboard dimensions.

Determine the total number of holes you want across your wasteboard, add one and divide by the dimension of your drill template.

Example: If your X axis is 34" and you want 10 holes, Divide 34" by 11 = 3 1/16" Spacer Block

Use the spacer block to transfer evenly spaced lines onto your drill template.

Draw a centerline through the entire drill template intersecting with the lines drawn on the spacerblock.

Repeat the process for your y-axis, transferring the lines instead to both the y-axis sides on the wasteboard.


Drilling the Holes

15 minutes

Using a 3/16" drill bit, drill holes at the intersecting points on the drill template.

Clamp the drill template to the wasteboard being sure to alight the centerline on the drill template with lines drawn on both sides of the wasteboards y-axis.

Drill through the template holes all the way through the MDF.


Countersink and Sand

10 minutes

Flip the wasteboard to the underside and use a countersink bit to countersink all the drilled holes, this will allow for the threaded inserts to sit flush or below the surface of the MDF.

Sand both sides of the wasteboard with a low grit sandpaper and orbital sander to remove any tearout or burs insuring a flat surface.


Threaded Inserts

5 minutes

Add the threaded inserts to the underside of the wasteboard. Use a drill and not a driver as the threaded inserts are very soft and strip easily. Drill them until the heads are flush or below the surface.


Installing to the machine,

Drill additional holes above the groves in your x and y rails. Add insertion nuts to the rails and bolt it to the machine.

Additionally I added 3" screws through the wasteboard and directly into the top of the workbench securing the machine to the bench.


Add a bump stop, clamps and get carving!

Screw and 24"x 6"x 1/8" piece of MDF to the front left corner of the wasteboard. Run the attached easel file cutting through the 1/8" MDF completely giving you a 90 degree bump stop square to the machine.

Search through the projects section for great clamp projects. I have been using the spiral clamps as they seem to work really well!

Chris Rader
Hey what size countersink bit did you use? Also thanks for the guide! Really helpful for me!
Chris Rader
Justin C
Great guide Travis. I originally saw this on your YouTube channel, but am looking to build one for myself now. Looks like you need to update the parts list as the part number for the threaded inserts changed.
Justin C
Hello, How many of millimeters (measure French) equal MDF 3/4" ? Thanks you very much
Theo Retos
Do you mean you had Pre Assembly T-Slot nuts left over? I don't understand how you could drill the insertion nuts into the rails. Thx.
Theo Retos
Jeff Taylor
@TLG https://www.google.com/#q=.75+inches+to+mm
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor
I think the bill of materials is completely off on this project. Those lengths of socket head cap screws would not be useful at all on the X-Carve. M5 button head 20mm length would be appropriate to attach the MDF to the rails. And you'll need a bunch of M5 T-slot nuts; 12 or so.
Jeff Taylor
I have to ask, Why did you drill the holes by hand? Why not have the CNC Drill/cut them? Gotta know, sure you have a reason I just can't figure out WHAT it could be.
don merrifield
What is the size of the wasteboard for a 1000 x carve
don merrifield