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Fernando Romero

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Fernando Romero
Houston, USA

General Information

Death Star inspired trivet out of hard maple

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Material Description Price
Hard Maple

Hard Maple

6" × 12" × 3/4" Hard Maple

File Description Unit Price

death star scoop.nc

NC code to cut sccop


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Preparing the Easel files

30 minutes

Generate several profile cuts for the different features and/or tools to be used.

I often create several separate files, one for each cutting tool.

1. Dimples. Generated a file just to cut the dimples on the face of the deathstart with a 0.125" dia. tool.

2 Profile for mid depth cut: Generated a profile to cut bottom portion of missing death star with 0.250" dia tool.

3. Profile for Full cut. Generated profile to cut the full depth of the star and cutout with a 0.250" dia tool.


Carve the Scoop

Created a 3D model of the scoop in Autodesk Inventor and exported an STL file.
Used MeshCAM to generate an NC file just to cut the scoop with a 0.750" dia round tool.
Used Universal G-code sender to carve the spoon.


Final Product

Sand and finish.

Bob Jewell
Please share the files for the rest of the project. Will not open in Easel.
Bob Jewell
Jean-Baptiste MUTIN
Hello. Which software do you use to control x-carve? Thanks.
Jean-Baptiste MUTIN
Fernando Romero
At the time i made this trivet i used two programs: 1) Easel for the flat (2D) milling and 2) Meshcam to generate the 3D path for the dish and Universal GCode Sender to control the cnc.
Fernando Romero