TOY Monstertruck - TOW AWAY GAME

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Arne Friedrich

Project by

Arne Friedrich
Hohenlinden, Germany

General Information

For this game you need two of them.

You have to roll up the rope fast as possible and of curse the faster wins.

Just build one truck and play with it.

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X Carve

15 minutes

First stept is, to use 18 mm Plywood to cut out all parts on your X Carve.


glue together

next you should glue the 4 car parts together.
I did this in two steps by glueing two together and then the resulting parts.


Tyre mounting

5 minutes

take a 1cm round bar and cut it to length. glue one tyre on it.
Stick it throu the car body and glue the 2nd tyre on.

At this point the car is done.


add the rope

5 minutes

At this time you add the rope.
You need a holder on the car to get the rope fixed.
I used a frame holder for this.

Afterwards you take a left over round stick, put the “small tyres” on it and you have something to roll the rope on.

Thats it so far. If you are building two of them you can have much fun with a race battle.

Joe Cleary
"and of curse the faster wins." ???
Joe Cleary
Arne Friedrich
I hope so but last weekend someone showed me a trick how to be much faster .. :-S
Arne Friedrich