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TonieBox Holder

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Joshua Gibb

Project by

Joshua Gibb

General Information

I decided to design a holder for a product (TonieBox) that we brought for your 2yr old son.

I wanted to design something that would incorporate the TonieBox itself, a selection of the Figures (these contain the music or stories that play on the box), and the charging stand.

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Material Description Price
Blue MDF Sheet

Blue MDF Sheet (×3)

8" × 12" × 1/4" Blue MDF Sheet


Laminating (Gluing) Material Together

Glue the 3 pieces of the MDF 12″ × 12″ × 1/4" together creating 3 layers to make up 3/4" think board.

-Layout two pieces of material beside each other and cover with wood glue.

- Lay the 3 pieces of material face to face with one side with glue to a corresponding face that doesn’t have glue.

- Use clamps or some form of weights to press the material together and leave to dry. Do your best to keep all edges flush.


CNC Millling - Backside for Charger Station Cable

3 minutes

- Place the Material on the X-carve and mill the backside first, the slot for the Charger Station Cable


CNC Milling - Topside

42 minutes

-Turn the Material over (With the milled slot on the left underside) and mill the frontside of the Project.



- Once the milling is finished, remove from the X-Carve and remove the project from the rest of the material by cutting the tabs.

- Sand the edges and remove sharp edges so it is a little rounded.

- Finish with a clear lacquer from a spray can or a wax or oil of your choosing.