Switch Plate Cover

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Ray Macke

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Ray Macke
Marissa, USA

General Information

Switch Plate cover for my 7 yr old grandson’s room cut from a scrap of laminate flooring. He loves the internet based game Roblox.

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Switch Plate

I wanted a larger graphic than the normal plate would handle so I simply made it wider. I cut the back first using the Easel Project linked above.


Cutting the Front

Link To Front View In Easel Drawing

I then flipped it over and moved it to my bump stop and carved the graphic on the front with a 60 degree V bit telling Easel the diameter was .015". Cut depth was .03 in. To keep chip out to a minimum on the laminate flooring use a sharp bit.

When finished cutting I took the plate to my router table and cut a 45 degree bevel around the edge. Could have done this in the X-carve but much faster for me on the router table.

I then applied a dark stain to the beveled edges and into the carved graphic and text. On the surface areas just used a small brush to get the stain into the carving. Excess was easily wiped off the pre-finished surface.

Also, the photo of the back shows the entire area milled out. This was a test run and on the final I just cleared part of it as per the Easel drawing.