Swiss Army Style Key Organizer

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Nicholas Zastrow

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Nicholas Zastrow

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Are you tired of carrying around tons of keys? Give this a try. It will hold up to 6 keys.

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SVG file for key organizer - remove black stroke from body


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Swiss Key Organizer Build Process

1 minute

Materials Needed

What you’ll need:
• Hardwood, plywood, HDPE, or any other durable material that is 1/4" thick
• Sand paper
• Finish of your choice
• 8/32 – 3/4" machine screws (longer if you need to carry a stupid amount of keys)
• Split ring
• Washers (if using less than 6 keys)
• Keys

Carving and assembly
Secure material to wasteboard
Carve it
Remove tabs and sand
Add a protective finish
Insert 8/32 – 3/4" machine screw then add 3 keys per side
Secure with nut (if keys are too loose, tighten more and vs versa)
Add middle screw and nut to keep keys from spinning
Add split ring

The youtube video has all of the steps listed above in a more exciting fashion

Link to the easel file if you are having trouble with the attached svg,

Thomas robin
Really like your design, definitely gonna have to make one. Just an idea here, have you thought about using sex bolts instead? You could then drop your material thickness as well to 1/8 or less. Also, maybe aluminum?
Thomas robin
Nicholas Zastrow
The hard part is finding hardware that fits through the key's holes without modification. Most of those standoff style bolts are too large diameter for the keys. I'd really like that start making these on the Tormach I now have access too, but the xcarve should handle thin aluminum just fine too
Nicholas Zastrow
Magali Chemin
Nice idea and fun !
Magali Chemin
Christopher Drake
Good idea! It probably very convenient to use
Christopher Drake
Paul Burch
great Project- but really who's the artist and the song name please? Shazam has failed me! really dig the song and I want to play it while I make this last minute Christmas Gift!!
Paul Burch
Nicholas Zastrow
It is called "A ghost you've known" by These Animals.
Nicholas Zastrow