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Surname Plaque on My Shapeoko2

Bill Arnold

Project by

Bill Arnold
Thomasville, USA

General Information

Vinyl paint mask on pine. Frame cut with pointed round over bit. A 1/2" 90° V bit for the field. Sprayed tinted sealer then peeled off the mask.

F-Engrave to generate V-carve code for the field from a BMP drawn in PrintMaster. Frame in SU/SUcam. UGS ran the frame, changed bits, ran field code.

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Apply Vinyl Mask and Run The Frame

30 minutes

Carefully remove backing while applying mask to board. Be sure board is perfectly clean and smooth before starting. Smooth the vinyl as applied and rub into place with a roller. Align board on CNC and run the frame code.


Run The Field Code

40 minutes

Field is cut with a 1/2" 90° V-carve bit.


Complete The Project

Spray color of your choice to cover the entire project. When set, remove the mask to reveal your result.