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Alex Bates

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A wooden re-creation of Spinner, the original Texas wild domino game.

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Buy or cut wood

Spinner is a fun domino game that can be played with 2-8 people. There are 10 rounds to the game. You don’t have to play all 10 if you get tired. Each player starts with seven dominoes. The player with the double 9 or double spinner goes first. If you are unable to play off any dominoes on the table, you must draw a domino from the extra pile. The first player who ends up with no dominoes wins the round. This game has a five star rating on Amazon. Give Spinner it a try, I know you will enjoy it!

Materials you need:
- 1/8" and 1/16" end mills
- Acrylic paint
- 6X 12″×3″×3/8" wenge or other wood

I used my bandsaw to cut a wenge log into 0.5" slices and then used my planer to make them into 0.375" slices. If you don’t have a bandsaw or planer, eBay has some great prices on 3/8" lumber.


Carve Part 1

Carve Set 1 Part 1 in the Easel file using a 1/16" end mill. When the carve is finished, if you turn off your machine, be careful not to move the spindle X/Y position as that would mess up the cut for Part 2. Change the spindle to an 1/8" end mill and sand the surface the wood with 220 grit sandpaper.


Carve Part 2

Carve Part 2 for Set 1 using a 1/8" end mill. Repeat Parts 1 and 2 for Sets 2-7. Of course, cut and sand the tabs when the carve is finished.


Paint the dominoes

Paint the dominoes with acrylic paint. The spinners should be red and the center divider lines should be black. The remaining dots can be any color you choose. When the paint dries, sand the surface of the dominoes to remove the excess paint.


Have fun playing!

Now you should have a completed set of 66 painted beautiful wooden dominoes.

Download and print the score card in the “Digital Files” section attached below. It is used to keep track of who wins each round.

Instructions for the game are available here: https://www.dominorules.com/spinner