Skull Candy Machine

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Joe Simone

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Joe Simone

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Fun and easy to make candy machine for Halloween.

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60 minutes

Carve all pieces. The wood is 3/4 inch and the plexiglass can be any thickness you have laying around. Multiple filler pieces (labeled in workpieces) can be carved to hold more candy.



Glue the base and all fillers together. Also glue the dispensing circles together. Use a 1/4 inch dowel to hold them together and leave extra material on both sides. They can be arranged in multiple ways to deliver different amounts of candy. Just make sure the combined thickness will be flush with however deep you make your candy area.



Use food safe paint if your going to paint the inside. Do not paint the lip of wood the plexiglass will sit on.


Assemble 2

Put the circle assembly in place. Place the Plexiglass on top. I used small drops of crazy glue to hold it in place. Glue the wood piece of candy to the dowel.


Fill and enjoy

Fill and enjoy

Antonio Santiago
simple and unique, I like it. thanks for sharing!
Antonio Santiago
John Holinka
Do you have a recommendation bit for the .5 carve?
John Holinka
Joe Simone
I used a bit that comes in a 3 pack from harbor freight. .25 .5 .75 flat bits. I use the .75 to flatten waste board. It’s a good buy. You can use any bit you want tho it will just take longer if it’s smaller.
Joe Simone
Nicholas Cusolito
I see the dispensing assembly, but I dont see the skull parts. What am I missing?
Nicholas Cusolito