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Six Pack Tote

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Bill Childress

Project by

Bill Childress

General Information

This beer tote was designed to be easily cut and assembled with just wood glue.

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45 minutes

Setup your material and carve.


Sanding and Glue up

Sand all sides and edges then glue pieces together.



15 minutes

Sand any excess glue and apply the desired finish.

Johnny Brooke
Great work on this design, Bill!
Johnny Brooke
Tim Shilson
Hi. I want to build this but need to break it into smaller sized boards. I have the 750mm XCarve so the dimensions of the layout board are too big for my table. How do I make the sides as one project then the top, bottom and the handle in another project? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Tim Shilson
Sean Morrissey
Just open it in easel, and then copy and paste the pieces into a new project accordingly.
Sean Morrissey
Jon Paynes
Awesome project. Thank you for the share.
Jon Paynes