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Shaker Peg Coat rack

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General Information

A simple coat rack.

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Cherry Wood

Cherry Wood

6" × 12" × 3/4" Cherry Wood


Cutting parts

While this is all laid out on a single Easel project I generally will copy individual parts and cut them separately depending on what size lumber I have. What I have found works best is to cut the portions of a part that require v-bits first, then cut the remaining portions of the part with a 1/8" bit.

For the front rail after the v-bit cuts out the design I recommend cutting the part out around the edge(I just did so on my tablesaw, but this could be done on the x carve) before flipping it over to cut out the large groove on the back where the main shelf connects.


Adjusting the design for the lumber

In this image I have color coded some of the portions that need to be adjusted to accommodate the wood stock being used.

The green colored cuts should be adjusted to leave the same remaining thickness of wood left(unless you also want to adjust all the corresponding cuts they fit together with).

The blue cuts should be adjusted to be the same thickness as the lumber, as these cuts are meant to fit a piece of stock in them.

The red cuts are meant to be cut with a v-bit. In my shelf I cut the back, sides, and top with a 90 degree bit while the front rail was cut with a 60 degree v-bit. The 90 degree bit looks better, in my opinion, but the 60 degree bit allows for deeper cuts before the extra width distorts the image too much.


The top

The top of the piece in the published Easel project has the words “Redacted” over each section along with a drumset on it. I included that just so there would be something on the top in the design to make clear the vision I had for it.

Something I like to put in a lot of things I make is hidden messages that only I and the person I give the item to know about. Nothing terribly special it’s just nice to have something only we know about. When this gets put up it will be hung just high enough that the message on the top can’t be seen.

I acknowledge that devoting a section to the instructions to talk about the secret message may negate its purpose.