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Saber Toothed Tiger Skeleton

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Jeremy Richards

Project by

Jeremy Richards
Auckland, New Zealand

General Information

Cut your teeth on this great cat’s skeleton… you know, for the kids!

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Soft Maple - Hardwood Type

Soft Maple - Hardwood Type (×2)

Thickness: 1/8 in, Dimensions: 6 in. × 12 in


Solid Carbide Upcut Fish Tail Spiral Bits

Solid Carbide Upcut Fish Tail Spiral Bits

1/16" Upcut Fish Tail Carving Bit


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from Inventables



Gather your material. I used some 1/8in thick single sided finish hardboard that cuts a lot like MDF, but you may want to use another material. If you do, you may need to split or move around the pieces in the Easel project to accommodate your material size.

Important: Be sure that your material thickness is 1/8in because the slots that hold the sculpture together are 1/8in wide.

Clamp down your material and use either some double sided tape in the middle of the piece or have Easel pre-drill some holes in strategic places and add screws to help hold down the middle. (Thanks for the suggestion Erik Jenkins).



If you’ve placed down a piece of material that is the size of the project or larger and is well held down, then you are ready to carve.

I normally set the depth of the carve just shy of cutting all of the way through and then sand the pieces loose after the carve is done, but your milage may vary and you may want to cut with tabs or cut all of the way through using a vacuum table.

Either way, sit back and enjoy the machine doing the work and think of all of the time you are saving not having to cut this intricate pattern out by hand.

yes the image below is the T-Rex and not the Saber Toothed Tiger, but the results should be similar


Cleanup and Assembly

Now that the bones have been carved, you may want to sand and finish your material, being sure that the slots are all clear of tear-out and any left over pieces.

Finally, to make your Tiger come alive, sit down with a child or a child at heart and assemble using the pattern found in the image below and the picture at the top of this project to help out.



I want to thank Erik Jenkins for all of the vectors for this project. I am merely the messenger.

Check him out on the forums here: