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Joe Palmucci

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Joe Palmucci
Stratford, USA

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Illuminated Signs are great for adding an eye catching punch to businesses, displays and decorating. This tutorial details a simple method for building a three dimensional illuminated sign from MDF, Colored Acrylic, and LED Light strips.

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Material Description Price
Flexible LED Strip - Cool White

Flexible LED Strip - Cool White

Length: 5m, Includes: LED strip, connector wire, power supply, LED Count: 600


Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla Wood Glue - 8 oz


MDF Wood

MDF Wood

Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in, Thickness: 3/4 in


Red Acrylic Sheet

Red Acrylic Sheet

Dimensions: 18 in × 24 in, Thickness: 1/8 in


from Inventables


Followed the directions using the following link.

Use the following link to make this project. The toughest part is designing what you want it to say in Adobe Illustrator.