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Portable Laptop Stand

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Antonio Hernandez Menchaca

Project by

Antonio Hernandez Menchaca
Mexico City, Mexico

General Information

This stand perfectly combines portability with funcionality. It was designed in such a way to easily be assembled or disassembled for transport, that way you don’t have to worry about an overheating laptop when you’re on the move.

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Choose Material

5 minutes

For this project we need a piece of bamboo plywood that’s at least 20 inches long x 12 inches tall, 3/8 inch thick.



44 minutes

Prepare your workpiece and set up the CNC machine. Start carving the project.


Sanding and Finish

15 minutes

Since it’s plywood and we don’t really need to sand the faces, the only part we want to sand is the edges.

Once it’s all sanded down, we choose a finish. In this case I’d rather go for several coats of polyurethane, since this piece will be moved around alot and I wouldn’t want it to get scratched up that easily.


Share and Enjoy

5 minutes

Since I do not own a CNC machine, I can’t really make these projects using that process, so if you do choose to remake my projects please share the pictures of it.