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Pencil Box and Stand

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Beyond Design

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Beyond Design
Chicago, Illinois

General Information

A simple pencil box and matching stand to hold your favorite pens. We used a white corian base to contrast a walnut top, making these elegant desktop accessories.

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6" × 12" × 1/8" Walnut




6" × 12" × 3/4" Walnut


White Corian®

White Corian®

Color: White, Dimensions: 10 in × 12 in, Thickness: 1/2 in, Cut Tolerance: +/- 1/2 in

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Mill Base parts

Mill the base of the pencil box and pen stand out of a sheet of corian. This is the longest cut of the project and will take several hours.

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Mill top parts

Mill the top of the pen stand. Make sure to double check the tolerances of the parts you already cut for a proper fit. This is also a good point to customize the holes in the pen stand to fit your favorite type of pen!

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Mill the lid for the pencil box

This part you can either cut from the 3/4in walnut if you have the patience, or you can get an eighth inch sheet that matches in color.

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Finishing and Assembly

These parts may take a bit of sanding to get a proper fit and finish. After sanding finish with your choice of oil and assemble the parts. If you kept the tolerances tight like we did you can get a friction fit, otherwise you can glue the pieces together.

Bartlomiej Kegor
Excellent pencil box!
Bartlomiej Kegor
David Skinlo
How do you create the tabs on the circumferential cuts?
David Skinlo