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Overwatch Logo

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Sterling Anderson

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Sterling Anderson

General Information

My first real project on the X-Carve. My son is a big computer gamer so I made a light up logo for his favorite game.

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Material Description Price
Carving Bit Starter Set

Carving Bit Starter Set

This set of 8 bits is great for beginners who are just getting started, or anyone looking to do general purpose cutting. They all have 1/8” shanks


MDF Wood

MDF Wood (×3)

Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in, Thickness: 1/2 in


from Inventables


Cut pieces with X-Carve

60 minutes

Cut out all work pieces from MDF. I cut 45º angles in two of the rectangularish pieces from workpiece 2 so I could hang the logo on the wall French cleat like.

I painted the MDF with 2 in one primer and spray paint. I did I think three coats total on everything with very light sanding between coats.


Use dowels to make the logo hover

The .2" deep holes in the logo and round piece will take 3/4" dowels. I cut mine at 1" lengths.



The lighting is just an LED strip from Amazon. My son is going to replace it with a strip of individually addressable LEDs he can program with an Arduino.

As you can see, the lighting shows off every little spot of dust on the black paint. It actually looks better without the lighting on I think.