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Name or Logo Engraving

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Allister Towndrow

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Allister Towndrow

General Information

Engrave your name or company logo into a block of wood as a decorative shelf item, Coasters for drinks or if put under force can be used to emboss papers and card.

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Tortoise Shell Acrylic

Tortoise Shell Acrylic



15 minutes

Ensure you have your software and design ready beforehand ready to go

Load up a bit into the spindle that you feel will be able to cut your design effectively

for best results just do a shallow engraving. I chose to go 1mm into the material as it will be just enough depth to see the design effectively nor will it cause objects or cups to be unbalanced.

click carve and watch it carve along the way to ensure the carving is going smooth and too see how the bit is cutting.
you may have to slow down or increase your feed rate depending on the feedback you get from the machine

after the carving it done use a fine sandpaper around 350grit to sand off the fuzzy wood around the letters or logo.

add finish or stain to enhance your project.