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MWP X-Axis Stiffening Modification

Robert Rieke

Project by

Robert Rieke
Los Alamos, NM

General Information

Using a 3/16 inch piece of steel, you can easily stiffen the X-axis. This modification reduces chatter and allows you to cut harder materials (such as metals) easier.

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X Carve Rigid Mod With Pictures.pdf

X-Carve Rigid Mod with Pictures


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from Inventables


Purchase Supplies

5 minutes

I bought my supplies from Lowes, but you can purchase them from any decent hardware store or home center. You will need to buy the following:

-3/16" metal plate, at least 2" tall, and at least 28 inches long. Steel will provide more stiffness, but will also add more weight. Aluminum may also be used if desired.
Be sure to get a bar that is straight, with no warping, twisting, or bowing)
-Spray paint for corrosion protection
-Furniture nuts, I used Lowes part number 148248 (Link)
-Furniture bolts, I used Lowes part number 148284 (Link)

Standard nuts and bolt heads are too thick to work for this project, and will interfere with the X-carriage. Additionally, there isn’t much area on a standard nut and bolt head, and the addition of a washer will only increase the distance they stick out. Furniture nuts and bolts are perfect for this modification because they are low profile and have a lot more surface area.


Read Instructions and/or Watch Video

15 minutes

The modification was initially documented by Charley Thomas (attached to this project as a digital file), all I did was make minor changes to it to fit my situation and record a video with instructions.


Make Modification

90 minutes

Cut the metal plate to size, if necessary.

Remove wires from between the makerslides before installing the metal plate!

Although I used a drill press to drill the holes through the material, it is possible to insert the plate between the makerslides and drill all the way through while it is held in place.

Modify the directions in the PDF and video as necessary for your situation.

so pretty
Chris May
Upgraded mine as well, and i have to say, it's quite a solid fix... yes.. pun intended.. i'm sorry :D
Chris May
Neal Shafto
great project and video well done.
Neal Shafto
Jeff Rowe
Ive read the newest units have an improved stability, does this still work and is it still useful or necessary?
Jeff Rowe
Grant Guidry
Does the 2.5" width make a huge difference in the stiffness as opposed to using a 1.5" piece? I'm asking because I found this (http://bit.ly/2pMR2Zf). If it works, it would save a ton of time and elbow grease. Thanks for the great tutorial!
Grant Guidry
Jamal Alabbood
I am working on upade my xcarve from 500 to 1000 and i bought alumnium plate to put it between the two extrude is it ok to make thrid hole ?or i have to find this scrow
Jamal Alabbood
Douglas Turner
I did this but instead I used aluminum. Works great and very sturdy. Don't forget to add Y axis stiffeners to make everything better.
Douglas Turner