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Sam Alaimo

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Sam Alaimo

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Get all the marbles to the middle. This game is surprisingly harder than it looks! The slick design makes in a nice addition to a home or office.

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Cherry Wood

Cherry Wood

6" × 12" × 1/2" Cherry Wood


Clear Acrylic Sheet

Clear Acrylic Sheet

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Type: Cast, Thickness: 1/16 in, Opacity: Transparent, Color: White, Surface Finish: Glossy, Form: Transparent, Cut Tolerance: +/- 1/8 in, Thickness Tolerance: +/- 8%, Backing: Paper


from Inventables


Carve the wood

15 minutes

Open the project and carve the Workpiece labeled “wood base”. Any 1/2 wood or material should work.


Carve the acrylic

5 minutes

Next, go to the Workpiece labeled “acrylic cover”. Cut this out of any 1/16" thick acrylic.


Add the bearings

1 minute

I used 5/32 inch Diameter Chrome Steel Bearing Balls for the balls in this game.


Put the acrylic in

1 minute

I was able to press fit the acrylic into the wood (I used the inlay app to get the measurements right). I didn’t use any glue, and the top stays in nicely unless you bang in upside down on a table.

You can glue it if you would like!